When everything revolves around the customer, we ensure that you don’t get dizzy.
We speak one language: Customer.
Customer data is like red wine: Handled properly they become more valuable.

We create sustainable, profitable growth through Customer Centricity.

Here, at Envolved, we believe that Customer Centricity is the key to sustainable, profitable growth. Led by CRM & loyalty pioneers and experts with more than three decades worth of experience, we have the greatest expertise and passion for customer-centric business management in the market. Thus, as an independent consultancy with advisory services, we provide our clients with this experience in national and international projects.

As a strategic partner at eye level, we help to attain individual objectives and are passionately committed to finding the best solution. Our clients trust us in several different areas, ranging from Lead Management and data-driven marketing to the development of loyalty programs. Furthermore, we support Private Equity firms with the valuation of companies, as well as the development of growth strategies and business models. Let's get envolved.

About Envolved

Let’s achieve your goals together

Many goals, one concept: Customer Centricity

Customer data is a treasure. We will help you lift it.

In a world that is increasingly dominated by digitalization, resulting in changes in consumer behavior, data-driven strategies and concepts decide about competitiveness and future sustainability. It is our belief that companies are more dependent than ever before on the integration, interpretation and the consistent use of customer data from all areas.

Customer data isn’t only the basis for a customer relationship that is optimized across all touchpoints, but it is also the key to leveraging the enterprise value and to opening up new sources of revenue.

About Envolved

What makes Envolved special?

Dr. Wolfgang Noetel Member of the Executive Board E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

"Envolved accompanied us throughout one of the biggest challenges of the energy market liberalization – the consequent and comprehensive focus of all sales and service divisions on our customers. While doing so, it became apparent that Envolved not only speaks one essential language: customer, but also masters a second crucial one: people."

Angus MacPherson Managing Director Herax Partners LLP

„Leading multinational companies with strong brands and across many industries rely on Envolved for their advice on how to grow the value of their customer relationships. As an international M&A advisor we and our clients benefit from Envolved’s insights and expertise, which can make the crucial difference on competitive transactions.“

Klaus Dittrich Chairman & CEO Messe München GmbH

“Envolved supported us with a variety of projects and moderations throughout the past years. All these tasks united a complex initial situation which required a high sensitivity in the approach on the one hand, as well as clarity of the results on the other hand. With a high level of professionalism, Envolved could always achieve sustainable results here.”

Peter Rübel Head of Sales Excellence PERI GmbH

"Envolved incorporated a variety of subsidiaries from all levels and departments in an excellent manner and was able to design the solutions for a successful CRM rollout while ensuring a strong collaboration with us - from requirements to design and processes all the way to the required change."

Roland Nicklaus Managing Director, Head of TMT Europe RBC Capital Markets

„Envolved helps private equity investors to understand hidden values of any customer centric business by analysing its big data capabilities and value creation potentials. As an investment bank a clear advantage in the relationship to our clients.“

Reinhard Ruch Executive Director Customer Centricity und Breuninger Card Breuninger GmbH & Co.

"Together with Envolved we could operationalize our comprehensive omnichannel strategy across all levels and thereby set the course for the organizational and technical implementation. While doing so, Envolved always kept the existing organization in sight and designed the alignment on the customer in a modern way. This is how Customer Centricity works!"