Travel & Tourism

Sales strategies that will attract your customers.

Takeoff with Customer Centricity.

The Travel & Tourism industry has always been characterized by a very high competitive pressure. Through the steady growth of e-commerce with new booking platforms and payment service providers or through the entry of external suppliers, the pressure on margins is increasing. Additionally, the guests’ expectations for exclusive additional services or individual services are rising.

However, digitalization also brings a variety of new opportunities. Coupled with the consistent focus on the guest, customer loyalty can be enhanced, growth enabled and new business opportunities opened up. With our in-depth industry experience from tour operators to hotel groups, we accompany our clients in developing and implementing holistic and sustainable solutions: from establishing a comprehensive CRM solution and the central use of guest profiles for the optimization of front-office or marketing processes to cross-channel communication. In addition, we increasingly support the implementation of new business models by a comprehensive usage of relevant customer data.