Ensuring your business runs smoothly in the future.

Use Customer Centricity as fuel for your sales team.

The petroleum industry with its petrol stations is facing the biggest change with regards to binding customers and operating in a sustainably profitable manner. Characterized by a displacement market with high price pressure and differentiation strategies, the transformation of the actual business model begins. Thus, the current core business including the sale of fuel will need to be transformed into relevant customer services through the rapidly changing mobility.

The focus lies on Customer Centricity and the translation of customer needs into relevant concepts and strategies. Previous customer loyalty programs have become a building block and the actual value, customer data, has becomes the core of a comprehensive ecosystem of customer services, such as 24-hour parcel pick-up, shop-in-shop systems and car - & ride-sharing.

As a center of excellence for customer loyalty, as well as data-driven business models, we walk the path of transformation together with our clients.