Consumer Goods & Retail

With our support, you will be able to tie down the fast moving consumer.

As individual as your customers: Customer Centricity.

There are very few industries that have been affected by the digitalization as much as the retail and consumer goods industry. A digital customer isn’t only better informed, but he is also only a click away from the next shopping opportunity. To stay competitive and sustainable in such an environment, the online and offline world have to merge in the form of seamless and consistent omnichannel strategies with a consistent customer focus.

Key questions that consumer goods manufacturers must be able to answer to win over customers are for example: How does the interface adjust itself to the customer? What services do customers expect from brand-name products nowadays? How does the brand-name product differentiate itself own brand products?

Key questions that retail should be able to answer to differentiate itself from online pure players are for example: When does the Point of Sale (POS) turn into the Point of Experience (POX)? How much digitalization will the POS of the future be needing? How do the expectations of the older audience differ from those of the digital natives?

To answer these questions and to initiate a corresponding implementation, an optimized customer experience at all touch points for different target groups is required. Additionally, a data-based 360-degree customer view, as well as the introduction of on- and offline digital offerings & services are necessary. The latter could be made up of clienteling solutions in stores, content platforms and ecosystems, as well as cross-channel services, such as e-booking services. The aim of these measures is to improve and control the overall interaction with the client thus realizing higher customer satisfaction resulting in loyalty.

As a strategic partner, we actively accompany retailers and wholesaler, as well as luxury and consumer goods manufacturers throughout the digital transformation process.