Digitalization & Sustainability

With us, you don’t put digitalization at the center of all actions, but the customer.

With the help of agile methods and a consistent approach to more customer centricity, we will find your individual solution.

We believe that the age of digitalisation has many dimensions: digitality, digital change, digital culture, digital revolution, digital innovation, digital business modelling, digital experience, and so on…

No matter what challenges you face, with Envolved you will not focus on stand-alone digitalisation as a pure technology, but rather on humans - and this means - the customers of your company. We can do this digitally, analogue, individually or best of all, via omnichannel method.

Through this mindset, we not only help enterprises to avoid becoming victims of digitalisation, we also empower them to use it profitably - through services that are consistently directed towards customer needs.

In today’s age, the best user experience does not define itself through the physical core product anymore. Today, companies can stand out through an outstanding digital service. This paradigm shift requires companies to achieve results faster and more directly, leading to more added value. Minimum Viable Products (MVP) are used to agilely develop digital products as services, implement customer feedback and scale them incrementally and continuously. An essential agile mindset for this is the basis for the digital maturity and thus the key to sustainability of every company.

This is exactly where we can enable you: we will help you better understand your own customers and to master the challenging and balancing act between agility and stability within your own organisation - throughout the continuous transformation of our digital er