Digital Business Design & Agility

If you don't start providing digital services to your customers, others will do it!

We enable and coach you to achieve digital - and therefore necessary agile - competence.

Thorsten Dirks, CEO of Telefónica Germany, once said "If you digitalise a shitty process, you have a shitty digital process “. And we agree.

So, what questions do our clients ask themselves?

  • Which customer interaction processes do we need to optimise and which of them make sense to digitally transform?
  • How can we quickly respond to consistently evolving customer needs in terms of digital solutions in order to stay competitive?
  • With which digital services can we expand our portfolio to operate more customer-centric?
  • How can we transform our customer experience step-by-step into an omnichannel-touchpoint-universe?
  • Why should we develop new digital services for our customers when we have a good turnover?
  • How can we develop our business model digitally further without losing our existing customers?
  • How can we digital transform our sales operations without losing direct customer contact?
  • How can we synchronize all digital touchpoints along the sales funnel with the support of our departments?
  • Which new added value should we generate for the b2c and b2c sector through digital transformation? Do we need different approaches?
  • How do we bring our R&D Department to co-create with the Marketing & Sales Department to make digital innovations sustainable and marketable?
  • Where and when can we integrate our customers into the decision-making process of agile product development in a value-adding way?
  • How can we effectively operationalize the agility in the organizational units in its essence for the purpose of digital competitiveness?
  • Why should we painstakingly build up digital and agile competence in all departments to develop customer-centric products instead of simply cooperating with a start-up?
  • Last but not least: when do we know that digital and agile transformation has really led to optimization of customer satisfaction?