Hands on instead of just there.

We involve all business areas to ensure a holistic customer perspective.

Strategies and concepts are only successful if they are supported and lived by all parties within the company. Therefore, our solutions are characterized by a high degree of feasibility and the appropriate degree of individuality.

This conviction is reflected in our company name, a powerful combination of „enable“ and „involve“, our passion and our values. Our aim is to develop the appropriate solution in collaboration with our clients, which will enable them to work in an independent manner and that can be developed as necessary.

About Envolved

Envolved for your success.

We design Customer Centricity.

With our profound consulting and advisory approaches, we help our clients gather ideas, sharpen their vision and define the necessary strategic direction.

Furthermore, our consulting model gives an in-depth and comprehensive insight into all projects. We achieve this by focusing on the respective business fields and influencing factors, and linking them up in a coherent, logical and concrete manner. Based on this principle we can accompany our clients in developing an optimal solution – taking in all relevant aspects.