Customer weeBusiness GmbH proud finalist at Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019

London, 18 June 2019 - Our client "wee", based around Cengiz Ehliz, has qualified for the global industry award with one of the world's best marketing campaigns and made it directly onto the shortlist of the top 10 at the premiere.

For the eighth year in a row, the prestigious Loyalty Awards were presented in 18 categories in the Tower of London in front of 550 guests from all over the world: What is almost standard for the Envolved team - with several placings and awards in the past - is an impressive premiere for our client "wee". Around 40 decision-makers from Munich and the UK were there live when the winners in the individual categories were chosen at this year's "Class Reunion" of the loyalty industry in the venerable Tower and in a festive atmosphere.

Although the unique "wee" campaign was not awarded the title of industry leader for the first time, Cengiz Ehliz founder of "wee" and global entrepreneur M-Business was able to live happily with the silver medal: "The "wee Love Munich" campaign was the big bang for the European market closure. In the successful further development and effective diversification of our project, the newly aligned platform wee3.0 is at the centre, which as a project is an essential part of the mandate from our partner Envolved. We now have a unique position in which no one in the world can hold a candle to us anymore."

The integrated communication/marketing campaign was not only in the Munich metropolitan region "Talk of the Month" in the summer of 2018. 14,000 visitors made the pilgrimage to the world's temporarily most valuable sand mountain in Munich's Olympic Park, where gold and weeCards loaded with shopping credit for the stationary retail trade worth € 100,000 were hidden. Not only the lucky treasure hunters could be happy - "wee" donated 10,000 € to a local social institution. The campaign was conceived by Tilmann Meuser, today Head of Corporate Communications at weeGroup. CP/CONSULT Consulting Services GmbH was responsible for the realisation of the PR, advertising, event, online and social media activities. CP/CONSULT Consulting Services GmbH implemented all measures as an integrated communication mix with wee Business GmbH and the sales department, including the Munich media with the highest reach. The campaign with the message "wee Love Munich" had a media impact far beyond Munich and achieved a reach of more than 40 million. It now serves as a blueprint for the closure of the European market.

We keep our fingers crossed for "wee" to win a Loyalty Magazine Award 2020 - for which Envolved is giving its all!

About the Loyalty Magazine Awards. Each year, the Loyalty Magazine Awards recognise companies that excel in excellence, creativity, innovation and best practice in customer loyalty. The best programmes, technologies and regional champions are selected in various categories. You can find out more about the Loyalty Magazine Award here:

About weeBusiness GmbH: weeBusiness GmbH is part of the globally oriented wee group of companies. We are the founders of the innovative digital weeMarketplace and are active in the Fintech segment. Through the weeMarktplatz, we network online and offline trading with customers and integrate local businesses sustainably into the digital shopping world. With the help of the weeCard or weeApp, wee customers have the opportunity to collect cross-border online and offline cash backs in the form of wee. The wee credit is paid out to customers in cash. wee is represented in 17 countries. With numerous, constantly growing acceptance points online and offline, wee is now one of the largest cashback communities in Europe. Our know-how in the development of digital business models and in the implementation of technical trends, such as mobile payment, makes us an innovative think tank and a pioneer for future-oriented technologies. All technical solutions relating to the weeMarkplatz are developed and implemented in Munich.